Friday, 11 December 2015

Good Morning World :)

     11th of December, 14 days till Christmas. Who's ready? I sure am. Yesterday, I bought these colourful ring cereals named Simba, I think its similar to fruit loops. Started off my morning with some hot cocoa, internet stuffs and newspaper. Star Wars is dominating the first page of Jawa Pos today. 
     Today, my sister left me for DWP 2015 at Jakarta and I was super jealous of her because she get to go to the place that I want to be at most tonight. Turns out, I wasn't legal yet to join these kind of events. Lucky me!

    Tomorrow's my parent's anniversary and I am going to surprise them with my 4 big brothers. Cake's worth about 500k and contains rum, baileys and whiskey if I'm not mistaken. Can't wait to taste that. 

    Dad and third bro is leaving on the 14th leaving me and mom to have the house to ourself. I wonder what will happen ;)

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