Monday, 11 April 2016


Oh my God. I just had my IGCSE Speaking test for mandarin and english last week. When me and my friends were in the isolation room, we literally went numb. We couldn't feel a single thing but as soon as the examiner called out names, you can hear your heart beating. Thats how tense the atmosphere was.

I was actually disappointed with my speaking examination which made me super stress for a couple of days but seriously, I am okay now. So, for those of you who are going to take the IGCSEs in the future, here are some tip for you to get at least an A

Tips #1
Pray to God.

Tip #2
Always prepare.

Tip #3
15 minutes before your are called, relax a bit. Play with your friends or do some kind of exercise.

Tip #4
Pretend that you are chatting.

Tip #5
Take a good long deep breath.

Tip #6
Always think that you will get an A*

It actually help me and my teacher predicted that I might get an A-A* for both my speaking test. Lets all pray that I would get an A*.

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