Monday, 11 April 2016


Oh my God. I just had my IGCSE Speaking test for mandarin and english last week. When me and my friends were in the isolation room, we literally went numb. We couldn't feel a single thing but as soon as the examiner called out names, you can hear your heart beating. Thats how tense the atmosphere was.

I was actually disappointed with my speaking examination which made me super stress for a couple of days but seriously, I am okay now. So, for those of you who are going to take the IGCSEs in the future, here are some tip for you to get at least an A

Tips #1
Pray to God.

Tip #2
Always prepare.

Tip #3
15 minutes before your are called, relax a bit. Play with your friends or do some kind of exercise.

Tip #4
Pretend that you are chatting.

Tip #5
Take a good long deep breath.

Tip #6
Always think that you will get an A*

It actually help me and my teacher predicted that I might get an A-A* for both my speaking test. Lets all pray that I would get an A*.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Good Morning World :)

     11th of December, 14 days till Christmas. Who's ready? I sure am. Yesterday, I bought these colourful ring cereals named Simba, I think its similar to fruit loops. Started off my morning with some hot cocoa, internet stuffs and newspaper. Star Wars is dominating the first page of Jawa Pos today. 
     Today, my sister left me for DWP 2015 at Jakarta and I was super jealous of her because she get to go to the place that I want to be at most tonight. Turns out, I wasn't legal yet to join these kind of events. Lucky me!

    Tomorrow's my parent's anniversary and I am going to surprise them with my 4 big brothers. Cake's worth about 500k and contains rum, baileys and whiskey if I'm not mistaken. Can't wait to taste that. 

    Dad and third bro is leaving on the 14th leaving me and mom to have the house to ourself. I wonder what will happen ;)

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Holiday Vibes

Holiday Vibes.

 Its the 10th of December. 15 days till Christmas! Woohoo! I am usually the type of girl who doesn't care about holidays like Christmas and stuff. But, today I skipped school so I stayed in bed the whole day. I got bored and saw my SLR from the corner of my eye. I don't know why but I felt a Christmas vibe in me while I was lying down on my bed. I took my SLR and started taking pictures of anything that I can find in my room. Nothing was photogenic. 
     I sat on my chair and started to surf the net about Christmas stuff because of my vibe. Then, I came across a very cute picture of a reindeer cup with marshmallow and hot cocoa. I was thinking of copying that and then post it on instagram but its not Christmas yet so I decided to take a picture of something similar to it thus producing the picture above. 
     I think I know how did the vibe started in me. Yesterday, my favourite boy band of all time, EXO, released a new Christmas song called Sing For You. I've been listening to it non stop and the song just gave me those vibes I think. The song's nice, try listening to it :)