Thursday, 10 December 2015

Holiday Vibes

Holiday Vibes.

 Its the 10th of December. 15 days till Christmas! Woohoo! I am usually the type of girl who doesn't care about holidays like Christmas and stuff. But, today I skipped school so I stayed in bed the whole day. I got bored and saw my SLR from the corner of my eye. I don't know why but I felt a Christmas vibe in me while I was lying down on my bed. I took my SLR and started taking pictures of anything that I can find in my room. Nothing was photogenic. 
     I sat on my chair and started to surf the net about Christmas stuff because of my vibe. Then, I came across a very cute picture of a reindeer cup with marshmallow and hot cocoa. I was thinking of copying that and then post it on instagram but its not Christmas yet so I decided to take a picture of something similar to it thus producing the picture above. 
     I think I know how did the vibe started in me. Yesterday, my favourite boy band of all time, EXO, released a new Christmas song called Sing For You. I've been listening to it non stop and the song just gave me those vibes I think. The song's nice, try listening to it :)



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